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Power of Attorney

  Professionally drafted printable power of attorney forms including general power of attorney, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, health care power of attorney, limited power of attorney, real estate power of attorney, enduring power of attorney, financial power of attorney, special power of attorney and power of attorney revocation.
The power of attorney form allows another person to act on your behalf on matters you specify
The power of attorney can be general to cover any task or specific to matters of your choosing
The power of attorney can start immediately or upon your disability
  Please Select Your Power of Attorney Form

  General Power of Attorney
  Durable Power of Attorney  (Property & Finances - Immediate)
  Durable Power of Attorney  (Property & Finances - Disability)
  Power of Attorney Form     (Husband and Wife)
  General Power of Attorney (Military)
  Special Power of Attorney (Military)
  Power of Attorney Revocation


  "I used FormsGateway for a few of my clients and I was impressed with the ease, efficiency and quality service."
Att'y Jeffrey Stouffer, Esq.

The online legal power of attorney is downloadable and printable.  In some cases, a blank power of attorney sample document or letter template is provided with a will to be used for purposes such as child care.  The power of attorney revocation papers allow you to revoke the power of attorney.

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