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LLC Operating Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Business Agreement
LLC Articles of Organization
Sales Representative Agreement
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Business Bill of Sale
Business Sale Agreement
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Non Disclosure Agreement
Contractor Agreement
Employment Application
Employment Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement


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LLC Operating Agreement - An agreement among members in a Limited Liability Company. The LLC operating agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of each member. 

Joint Venture Agreement - An agreement between partners to form a joint venture.  The joint venture (business) will be for a limited specified amount of time.  The joint venture agreement stipulates the contribution of assets and equity of each partner and their sharing of profits.

Partnership Agreement - An agreement between two or more partners to form a business.  The partnership agreement specifies the contribution and income sharing structure of each partner.

Contractor Agreement  - An agreement used to hire a person/company to perform a specific job.  The contractor agreement stipulates the length of time of the job/project, fees and other details.

Business Bill of Sale Form - An agreement to sell and transfer the business to another party.  The business bill of sale details the conditions of the sale.


We constantly receive positive feedback in the form of testimonials from our clients who were completely satisfied with the business agreements such as business partnership agreement forms, business purchase agreement forms, small business agreements forms and other business agreement contracts.  The reason for the customer satisfaction is the quality and professionalism of these legal business forms.  Moreover, these forms for business are user friendly and easy to use and fulfill the purpose for which they were purchased


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